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Reach thousands of households in a weekend and discover an event that provides a unique opportunity to sell your products and services to thousands of women. The women’s expo features vendors from the health, beauty, food and home decor industries selling, sampling and demonstrating thousands of products and services.

Exhibitor benefits include:

  • Able to talk to your customer face to face
  • Connect one on one
  • Create brand awareness
  • Product demonstration or sampling
  • Immediate sales
  • Build your database
  • Distribute new information
  • Lead generation
  • Maintain relationships

Types of Exhibits

  • Samples: new products, services, food & beverages.
  • Clothing, shoes, hats, scarfs, purses, jewelry and accessories.
  • Cosmetics, beauty & hair products, makeovers, salons and spas.
  • Exercise, nutrition, diet, weight management and health clubs.
  • Cosmetics and dental surgery, surgical and non surgical weight loss.
  • Business services: advice, investing, retirement and finances.

Health & Wellness
Focusing on using traditional and nontraditional methods to live healthier and more balanced life-style.

Beauty & Fashion
Provides information on cosmetics, skin, hair and nail care, cosmetic surgery, jewelry, clothes, shoes & accessories.

Food & Beverages
Featuring food and beverage vendors, offering products for sample and sale. Plus, cooking demos from local chefs.

Home Improvements
Offering the opportunity to view the latest in home decor, furniture and home improvement products.

Seminars & Workshops

Features live cooking demos, as well as many guest speakers discussing a wide range of topics relevant to today’s fast paced life-style.

Join us for family fun at the expo from 1pm – 3pm while the Royal Events Princesses and Superheros perform an interactive singing/story telling show and demo their super powers. Feel free to come dressed as your favorite character!